Guild Wars Tracker

What is this?

In order to know if you will get a good use out of this Guild Wars Tracker, answer these questions:

  • Do you scout towers during guild wars?
  • Does the information you glean from the first attack become hard to find as more information piles in? (Discord spam, cluttered spreadsheets, etc.)
  • Do you wish your information was more organized during chaotic Guild Wars days?
If you answered "Yes" to these questions then this Guild Wars Tracker is for you.
Find an Existing Guild War Tracker
  • See your ongoing or a past Guild War by using a War ID provided to you by your Guild Leaders.

The Guild Wars Tracker will allow you to use the same interface you see in Epic Seven to store notes and photos about towers you have attacked. Each war will have a unique ID which you can share with your guild so that they can store info as the Guild War day goes on. If you register your guild, you will be given a Guild ID that your Guild leaders can share so you can see all your previous Guild Wars at a glance. You can choose to use all or some of these features. I pay for server space, so in order to keep costs down, photos will be deleted after every week (donations are appreciated); but, all notes will remain for future reference. All of this is 100% completely free to use and is not for profit.

So, what are you waiting for? Make a Guild War Tracker, mess around with it, see if your guild needs it, and come back if you wanna use it. Thanks!

~ Budandan

Create a Guild War Tracker
  • Store your photos and notes by tower for easy organization.
  • Receive a Tracker ID to share with your guild.
  • Register the war with your Guild now or later, or just create one anonymously.
Register your Guild
  • Receive a Guild ID to share with your leaders or other guildmates.
  • Use your Guild ID to see all your past wars.
  • Enjoy future guild-centered features as they get released!
View Guild Stats
  • View all your past wars.
  • Upcoming: Track guildmates W/L ratios across all wars.
  • Upcoming: Leaderboards!

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