Epic Seven Labyrinth Team Optimizer v2.0.2

If you find a bug, wish to submit feedback or contribute, please contact me on discord: budandan#1947.

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Advanced Features
Must have at least
Soul Weaver(s)

Must have at least

Must have at least

Roster (min. 4 heroes)
{{ hero.Name }}

You have three heroes locked. Would you like to find the best fourth hero out of all heroes?

Loading Data for Find my Fourth...

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Teams with the Highest Morale for your Roster
Teams of {{ teamSize }} with the Highest Morale for your Roster: Must Contain at least {{ numOfSoulWeavers }} Soul Weaver(s), {{ numOfKnights }} Knight(s), {{ numOfOthers }} Other(s) and must contain Defense Break
Team Camp Option Score
{{ calculatedTeams.indexOf(team) + 1 }} {{ hero.Name }}, {{ option.Hero }} - {{ option.Option }}
{{ team.Score }}